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Individual & Family Insurance

At Lamphere Insurance Group, we promise to listen to your needs. We have been MNsure certified and appointed since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We will explore your options both On and Off the health insurance exchange and we do not charge for our services. We know insurance is expensive, we want you to get the most value for your money.

Buying insurance direct from the carrier or via MNsure can be confusing and hard to navigate. Let us uncomplicate the process.

Life happens; in addition to health insurance, we can find solutions to protect you and your family.
  • We can explore ways to help supplement your lost income with disability insurance if you are injured and cannot work.
  • While we don’t like to think about death, it is a reality for all of us. Is your family protected with life insurance? The grieving process is hard enough without worrying about financial implications.
  • We have plans available to help you maintain good health. dental, vision, accident, travel, and cancer policies to name a few.

In addition to assisting you during the Annual Open Enrollment Period (typically November 1 thru December 15th) we can help with life changes that constitute a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for qualifying life events.
You DO NOT qualify for a SEP if:
  • You choose to stop other health coverage.
  • You are terminated from your plan for not paying your premiums.
  • You find out your doctor isn't in your provider network.
You may qualify for a SEP if:
  • You have gained or lost a dependent through adoption, foster care, child support or other court order.
  • You are a member of a federally recognized American Indian or Alaskan native tribe.
  • You have gained a dependent through the birth of a child.
  • Your eligibility changes for tax credits or a cost-sharing reduction (CSR). Please note: you must be covered under a qualified health plan and be enrolled through MNsure.
  • You lose private health coverage you enrolled in via MNsure due to divorce, legal separation or death.
  • Enrollment or non-enrollment due to agency error, mistake, misrepresentation or inaction.
  • You gain citizenship or you are considered lawfully present making you newly eligible for a qualified health plan.
  • You lose or have lost insurance through a job or by turning age 26.
  • You have a loss of coverage with Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare or TRICARE.
  • You have a change in household size due to marriage.
  • You have made a permanent move to Minnesota from another state, U.S. territory or outside the U.S.
  • You have been released from serving a term in prison or jail.
  • You recieve an offer of an individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) or qualified small business HRA (QSEHRA) from your employer or your spouse’s employer.
  • You moved permanently within Minnesota resulting in a new county or zip code.
You meet the criteria if you answered yes to any of the above.

What are Essential Health Benefits under the ACA?
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all plans offered on MNsure must cover these essential health benefits:
  • Outpatient care you get without being admitted to a hospital, including doctor's office visits
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices (examples: physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and psychiatric rehabilitation)
  • Lab tests
  • Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management (examples: blood pressure and diabetes screenings, mammograms, colonoscopies, vaccinations and flu shots)
  • Pediatric services, including dental and vision care. (Plans must offer dental coverage for children, either as a stand-alone dental plan or as part of a medical plan. Dental benefits for adults are optional.)

Your Consultants

Kathleen Lamphere

Founder, Owner, President
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David Lamphere

Co-Founder, Individual/Family/Medicare Sales Executive
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Steven Lamphere

Small Group Sales Executive
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